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  "My art, I envision, in continual motion. An attempt to harness nature's rhythm and beauty. I am inspired by the continual discovery of it's intricate and mystical design.  In my new work, I try to capture the mechanical buzz that lies beneath it all."


                                                 -Shannon Connolly

“What it is to be an artist...  


             We are the intellectuals.

             We are the artists.

             We are the music makers.

             We are the dreamers of dreams...

                   wandering by lone sea breakers...

                   sitting by desolate streams.

             World losers and world forsakers

                   on whom the pale moon beams.

             But we are the movers and shakers                                                      of the world forever it seems.

             With wonderful deathless ditties we build up                                       the world's great cities,

                  and out of a fabulous story we fashion empires glory.

             One man with the dream that pleasure should go forth                       and conquer a crown and two with a new song's                             measure shall trample an empire down.


                                                        - Robert Beverly Hale